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A wedding in the beautiful Niagara wine country of Ontario?

Yes, you can!

   The Reverend Deborah Vaughan, an ordained priest, is pleased to offer wedding services through Holy Angels Community as well civil ceremonies to any couple
legally able to wed in Canada.

   The Canadian Government recognizes the validity of same-sex marriages, and these are available to Canadian citizens as well as citizens of other countries.

                                                        The Rev Deborah Vaughan, a priest with more than 20 years experience,                                                                will work with you to create a service that will make your wedding                                                                    ceremony everything you have hoped. Whether large or small, we can  help you find the perfect setting for your special day!

                                 How would you like to celebrate your wedding?

Rev. Deb, as she is known, will customize services to suit the
                                                 personalities and spirituality of each couple.

   You can choose from:

           Traditional services
           - use the old-fashioned wording with which we are all familiar and
may include a wedding Mass or Eucharist.

           Religious services
           - are valid sacramental ceremonies recognized by the Anglican Communion as well
as the Vatican and other Christian denominations

           Non-Denominational services
           - are comfortable for people of any faith

           Spiritual services
           - focus on Oneness, Love, and connection

           Civil services
           - satisfy the legal requirements of the Canadian Government.

           The Wedding of Angelic Blessing
           - incorporates Deborah's work with the holy Angels and is a
beautiful ceremony of wedding and blessing with an angelic touch.

The cost for wedding services start at $200.00 which includes a congenial pre-planning session with Rev. Deb by phone, email, or in person. If you wish to honeymoon in Niagara-on-the-Lake or the Niagara region,
we can recommend many fine bed and breakfast establishments and
inns whose service will delight you.

A beautiful wedding in incomparable Niagara-on-the-Lake? Yes, you can!
The Holy Angels Community is an affirming community in the catholic/anglican tradition and is affiliated with the
Old Catholic  Church of Canada.
The Very Reverend Deborah Vaughan
is an Anglican priest now serving with the Old Catholic Church of Canada,
an inclusive and progressive community in the Anglican/Catholic tradition.
Among the options available is the choice of an Anglican or Catholic
wedding ceremony for all couples with or without a mass.

Sacraments conferred by an ordained priest within the Anglo-Catholic tradition are recognized by both the Anglican and Catholic churches.
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